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Siete qui Curiosity River Asinaro Noto - Siracusa
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River Asinaro Noto - Siracusa

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 18:01
The river Asinaro (Ασὶνᾶρὀς in greek, as handed down by Thucydides 7.84) was born on the slopes of Mount Gregory Middle (655 m asl), near the current head of the Water (between Noto and Palazzolo Acreide), where there is a center of Joint NATO radar sighting. Flows into the Ionian Sea in the area of ​​Calabernardo after 22 km, and after several ingrottamenti (like the Anapo and Tellaro) amid beautiful areas of Mediterranean.

River torrential character, almost unknown, however, was the scene of an epic battle between the unknown and just as the Athenian army commanded by Nicias and the Syracuse (413 BC). The battle was epic because the fate of that battle, disastrous to the Greeks of Athens, derived the collapse of military, political and social life of this great city, lighthouse, until then the civilized world.

The battle was carried out by the Syracusans and a small handful of men from the nearby Akrai, Akraion Lepas, Thucydides calls it, that is the rock of Akrai (only 6 km from the site), who were intercepting the vanguard of Athens, with technique " guerrilla hit-and-run. The Athenians, far superior in number, were bottled on the banks of the river, and surrounded, were slaughtered. Those who surrendered ended their days in the quarry (quarries) Stone of Syracuse. From the defeat Athens never recovered.
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