How to get to Noto

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Getting to Noto

alt car

Noto is reached along the highways
A18 ME-CT-SR and SR-A19 PA-CT output Bivio Cassibile take the SS 115 to Noto
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Railway Information - No Green 848888088
Hours 7,00 / 21,00.
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Bus services
AST (blue)
V. Riva Post SR
Tel 0931464820
Tel 093166710 V. Trieste SR
Information and tickets c / o Bar Efirmedio
LargoPantheon - Noto Tel 0931835023

alt E 'can be reached Noto Marina
(Lido di Noto-Calabernardo-Eloro) with the buses.
The service, available year-round, provides rides on holidays.

Bus Station - Largo Pantheon (Public Gardens):
Tourist Bus Parking, bus routes, urban and suburban.

Distances from the regional capital

  1. From Syracuse 32DA Ragusa Km 53 Km
  2. 19 km from Enna
  3. 18 Km from Messina
  4. 29 Km from Palermo
  5. 80 Km from Catania
  6. 193 Km From Agrigento
alt plane

The International Airport Catania (Fontanarossa) is 80 km from the city
Flight information: Tel 095340505 Connecting to and from the airport via bus service:
AST (Tel. 0931464820)
Interbus (tel. 093166710)
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