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The Sicilian granita

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Thursday, 30 September 2010 13:04
The Sicilian granita granita or simply, it's a refreshing food typical of Sicily. In its basic recipe consists of water, sugar and lemon (lemon granita).

In his "original formulation" has spread throughout Sicily, but the greater dissemination and its best expression we have in the east coast of the Island. Here the original taste of lemon, have long given several options:

The almond granita, probably born in the area of Noto, in Syracuse (where you have the more extensive cultivation of almonds from Sicily) has become the most popular flavor of the east coast of the island, often paired with chocolate flavor. Granite of coffee, strawberry and mulberry (blackberry-like fruit) are a specialty of the city of Messina, served by adding a layer of fresh cream strictly.

Catanese are widely distributed in the taste "Pistachio" (originally from Bronte), almond (the minnulata Catania, namely almond, which is poured a sip of coffee) and tastes the fruit: mulberry blacks, peach, strawberry , mandarin, pineapple. To note the great tradition of "Aces" (near Acireale, between Catania and Messina) in the production of ice.

Serve in clear glasses, originally accompanied by bread, now goes willingly with the typical Sicilian pastries made with the egg and the shape of a hemispherical base topped by a ball (by way 'of Coppoletta).

Brioche in Sicily slush off there is often appreciated as a good breakfast, especially in summer and in coastal areas, while not in never eat after dinner.


The Sicilian Region on the list of traditional Italian food products mulberry granita of blacks and almond granita.
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